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Having being created in the year 1995, is one of the largest and oldest dating services on the Internet. serves users from over 24 countries and hosts its websites in 15 languages. Users create profiles and describe themselves and what they are hoping to find in the people they might date. These profiles and other tools are key to finding that special person.

Match Filters

The match is a pretty self-explanatory site/app. Its search tools allow you to narrow down the dating field to people who meet your standards in terms of distance, personality, looks, interests, and lifestyle. You can also filter the results to show only profiles that have photos or are online now. And you can search by keyword. Additionally, Match offers a unique Reverse Match and Mutual Match filters. Which curate a list of profiles who are looking for someone like you.

Recently, has implemented innovative Verification tools to allow users to build trust on the dating platform by connecting through a valid social media account. Match will give users a badge that shows up on their profiles if they verify their Facebook accounts, email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter accounts, and other social media profiles. This is a completely optional feature, but it can help you build credibility with potential love interests.



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Phone Number: +1-214-853-4309

Address: P.O. Box 12305, Dallas TX, 75225


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Wasted my time and money on this

It seems like a lot of weirdos and scammers are on this site. Very sad I wasted my time and money on this.

inkatho4i - December 3, 2019
This was a frustrating

This was a frustrating and disappointing experience.

mirisf0 - December 3, 2019
This site is costly

This site is costly ($75 for 6 months) to join and is poorly laid out. They have a popularity meter that tells you are unpopular but can fix that by purchasing coins to boost your profile. Really?!…. More

ausblickvk - November 1, 2019
Don't sign up

Don’t sign up its probably the worst dating site I have ever been on.

eliger3a - November 1, 2019
Really difficult to cancel

Really difficult to cancel so always pay by credit card. But to be honest not worth it. Some profiles are real but most arent live and are just free ones and there is no way to differentiate what is l…. More

eingebungjg - October 1, 2019
My experience was bad

My experience was bad I paid for one year service $155 and after 6 months they charge me again $155.00 for 6 months and they said the price went up from $155 to $310 a year ..I called the customer ser…. More

jumpanta8b - August 29, 2019