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Online dating has become increasingly popular over the years, with many people finding love and long-lasting relationships through dating websites and apps. One such platform that has gained a lot of attention is Dating.com. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Dating.com is all about, its features, and whether it’s worth signing up for.

1. What is Dating.com?

Dating.com is an online dating platform that allows individuals from all over the world to connect with one another. It was launched in 1993 and has since grown to become one of the leading dating websites, with over 30 million members across more than 32 countries. Dating.com operates in over 20 languages, making it a truly global dating platform.

The website is designed to be user-friendly, and it is easy to navigate through the various features. Users can create their profiles, browse through other members’ profiles, and interact with other members by sending messages or virtual gifts. The platform offers both free and paid membership options, with the paid membership offering additional features such as access to advanced search filters and the ability to see who has viewed your profile.

Dating.com is a platform that caters to all kinds of individuals, whether they are looking for casual dating or a serious relationship. The website offers a variety of search filters that allow users to narrow down their search to specific criteria such as location, age, interests, and more. The platform also offers a matchmaking feature that suggests compatible matches based on the user’s profile and preferences.

Overall, Dating.com is a reliable and user-friendly dating platform that has helped many individuals find love and companionship. With its extensive user base and global reach, it is a great option for those who are looking to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

2. Signing up and creating a profile on Dating.com

The sign-up process on Dating.com is straightforward and can be completed in a few minutes. You’ll need to provide some basic information such as your name, gender, date of birth, email address, and a password. You’ll also need to create a profile by adding some personal information, such as your location, interests, hobbies, and a profile picture.

3. User interface and design

Dating.com has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The website has a clean and modern design that is visually appealing and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. The website is also available in several languages, making it accessible to people from different parts of the world.

4. Search and matching system

Dating.com offers a comprehensive search and matching system that helps users find compatible partners. Users can search for potential partners based on various criteria, such as age, location, interests, and more. The platform also uses an algorithm that suggests potential matches based on your profile information and preferences.

5. Communication features

Communication on Dating.com is easy and convenient. Users can send messages, chat, and even use video chat to get to know each other better. The platform also offers translation services, making it easy for members who speak different languages to communicate with each other.

6. Safety and security

Dating.com takes the safety and security of its members seriously. The platform has strict verification procedures to ensure that all profiles are genuine and that users are who they say they are. The platform also uses encryption technology to protect users’ personal and financial information.

7. Subscription options and pricing

Dating.com offers various subscription options, including a free basic membership and paid premium memberships. Premium memberships offer additional features, such as advanced search options and unlimited messaging. The pricing for premium memberships varies depending on the subscription plan you choose.

8. Pros and cons of Dating.com


  • Large user base with members from all over the world
  • Comprehensive search and matching system
  • Translation services make it easy for members who speak different languages to communicate
  • User-friendly interface and design
  • Strong safety and security measures


  • Some features are only available to premium members
  • Premium memberships can be expensive

9. Conclusion

Dating.com is a popular online dating platform that offers a wide range of features and services to help singles connect and find their ideal match. The site boasts a large user base from all over the world and offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. With various communication tools, search options, and matchmaking algorithms, Dating.com provides a comprehensive and enjoyable dating experience for users of all ages and preferences.

Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just casual dating, Dating.com offers a variety of options and resources to help you achieve your goals. The site is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its users, with strict verification procedures and fraud prevention measures in place.

In summary, Dating.com is a reliable and trustworthy dating platform that has helped thousands of singles find love and companionship. With its user-friendly interface, diverse user base, and advanced features, it’s a great option for anyone looking to enter the world of online dating.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you are going to choose a free or paid dating service of a dating site. You first need to know a few things about the same. Thus, you shouldn’t forget to go through frequently asked questions. So, let’s check out a few FAQs of this dating site.

Can I enjoy live video chat or video calling at Dating.com?

Of course, you can easily enjoy direct messaging, live chat and video call facility at dating.com website. But for this, you need to go with a paid premium dating service.

Do I need to pay a fixed charge as Dating.com membership fee?

No, you don’t need to pay a fixed charge as a dating membership fee. Instead, you need to pay for dating service that you may use while dating online.

Can I find real profiles of men and women online for dating?

Dating.com is known for providing lots of profiles of real men and women online for dating.

How to recognize a fake dating profile?

Go through the profile, personal and other details of your chosen member online. You may also avoid going with a free member.


Website: https://www.dating com

Phone Number: +1 (888) 980-9770

Address: 589 8th Avenue New York,
NY, United States

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It is uses fake messages

It is uses fake messages and hits to draw you in and once you join. The members that contact you are not paid subscriptions so you can never talk to them. Then once upon cancelling they do not refund your money even though you cancelled with in the prescribed time frame. Do not join. They trick you. They do not have good paying members. All just free memberships and they cannot contact you.

Nothing to navigate

Nothing to navigate. No age based search option. Tons of young flat chested gooks if that’s what your looking for. I doubt any of them actually live or reside in the town they claim to be in. I uninstalled after four minutes.

The site is unattractive

The site is unattractive and not very intuitive. The men I found interesting never answered or could not commit to a phone meeting. I think that a lot of the profiles are fake. Don’t waste your money. I have had more luck and more dates on free sites.

Extra charges for everything

Every time I go on the site, I am told someone has viewed my profile but I can never find the profile of that person. I cannot search a person by location (postal code) even though it is supposed to be an option. Finally, there are extra charges for everything. Overall the site is a confusing incoherent scam to gouge we fools who have subscribed to it. I must add that Match.com is just as bad. These parasites are cursed and should be put out of business and our misery.

This site is horrible

Save your money. I suspect this site is nothing but a scam. Every day I look for new matches. The pictures are listed as “New” but they are not new. They just keep sending me pictures of the same people. I wish I could get a refund. This site is horrible. It’s not even worth one star.

This site is a total fraud

This site is a total fraud. These women don’t even exist nor are they members. Please be concious that the head office is in Germany, call them and you will be speaking to someone in Germany. I reported to the consumer protection of the state of Florida.

Load of rubbish

Load of rubbish – don’t bother. They give you no notice the free period is about to expire – debit your account and even if you cancel same day they lock you in for a further 6 months. Scam artists


Cancelled in cooling off period but still can’t get the refund they promised me. Scammers.

Worst Website

This site contains many blurred photos, the same photo with different names and is an easy door to scammers. They make it virtually impossible to cancel yet have easy access to your bank. Its a one way road in their favour. I have received threatening emails when they couldn’t get the last lot of money,threatening the use of debt collection.

Do not join

No such thing as a cooling off period or 3 day cancellation if you live in Australia. Do not join or you will 100% pay the rest of your subscription no matter when you try to cancel (which is already not simple to do)

This is a terrible

This is a terrible dating app. Most of the people are fake. When I tried to cancel my subscription, they keep charging me anyway. I have been trying for months to cancel.

Another pointless dating app

Another pointless dating app. People supposedly match you then immediately disappear when you message. A total scam just trying to fleece you of your information and money.

Call support to cancel

I sign up . Keep sending messages away. I can see the other members read the message and online but never get a reply. Call support to cancel they advised it too late

Website security is terrible.

My advice? Stay away from the site to protect your online identity. Website security is terrible. There were so many profiles of catfish strangers, most of whom were asking for money.


My experience with your site was a pleasure

Well i just like

Well i just like to meet new people and some cities are all about money and not for what people really are looking for.

There are so many fake members

This site is the worst. They never contact you when you send an email. There are so many fake members that it’s unreal. I receive at least one fake member a day with the same email.

What a SCAM!

What a SCAM! I CANCELLED and better get my money back or I will make sure to keep posting reviews everywhere.

Cheers for the weirdos

Cheers for the weirdos that starred at my profile but didn’t speak or reply to messages.

Absolutely disgusting!

Absolutely disgusting!

Not bad ,but expensive.

Not bad ,but expensive.

I have had an incredible experience

I have had an incredible experience and have advised all my friends about them who are hoping to settle down. The staff is exceptionally understanding and constantly prepared to help.

I simply love this place

I simply love this place and recommend it to anyone who is interested in having a good woman that can end up being a good housewife.

Great Site

Reading his profile I felt a connection. We chatted thru the site then he gave me his ph no. We spoke to each other and knew we wanted to meet. We meet tomorrow.

I like so much!!

Joined many different dating websites but this one is amazing! I joined it about 10 months, many new and creative activities there. I like so much!!

I found someone

After a lot of searching I found someone. More by chance, a lucky shot that paid off. Finally, by chance

It is a good place

It is a good place to meet someone special!

I am in love with this app

I am in love with this app because it was the way that allowed me to meet my soulmate and i’m so thankful for that , even if its a little bit expensive but its really worth it there’s so many good people using it with whom you can create several relationships

Very professional

This is a site for grown up adults looking for a serious relationship. My interactions were professional, funny and entertaining.

Very professionally done!!

I found my perfect match already after several days – and we have been very happy together now since 3 amazing years!! I can only recommend. Very professionally done!!

I found my forever love

I met a ton of nice girls on this site and even had a girlfriend for two years. After we split I found my forever love on this site as well. we dated for 1 years and were married we will be celebrating our first anniversary this year

I love her

I searched, 4 different months one at s time. Very few meetings but finally there he was. My heart stopped and she started it again with one kiss. I am so happy, thank you for finally showing me where my heart belonged, all this time! I love her…

It can definitely work for anyone.

This is a great way to find and meet people that are looking for a relationship in your area. If it worked for me living in a very remote rural area it can definitely work for anyone.

Very affordable price

I think this is a great site for finding true love And a wonderful friend for life. Very affordable price and met other friends on here

Scam people

Scam people, guys are not who they say they are, just looking for booty call, quite a few of the profiles have guys with sunglasses or out of focus pics, or pets, very evasive, monosyllabic conversations.

Very sad!!!

After two paid rounds on this site I find it very sad to continually receive notifications that a member(s) is interested, or has sent a messages, only to go to the site to see the mailbox sits empty and can not find the said person(s)… Very sad!!!

Stay away its a rip off

No matter how many miles you put, they keep sending you matches hundreds of miles away. People you contact are no longer on there. Once you cancel they use you profile forever. They keep sending you emails that someone sent you a message or is interested in you. Stay away its a rip off

Stay away

Dating.com, has to be right up there with the worse “dating” sites !!! It “offers” chat,what a joke tried for a month to chat,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nothing.Will put Dating.com, right up with POF,and SPM as being useless ALSO Dating.com sux NIGERIAN PYGMY $#*!S

They are all scammers

i get tons of emails saying women want to meet me but i have never even signed up for dating.com and they dont have my details. they were sold on to dating.com by another dodgy date site ,theyre all in it together to scam guys ,stay way from them all ,theyre all scammers

It has almost nothing to do with this app.

It’s true I did meet someone through this app and we are engaged to be married this year. After only 1 month of subscription I discovered I was just destined to meet this person and it has almost nothing to do with this app.

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