AfricanDate Super Scam Site, Lots and Lots of Fake Pictures and Profiles

Lots of Fake Pictures and Profiles, is very very shady. They offer you a promo price that basically gives them access to your account. Where they will change your payment method from one time to recurring and then tell you ‘oh you did it yourself’. They barely have any contact information to speak of. The photos are 99% fake. 9 of 10 female profiles listed on that site are fakes. STAY AWAY. You’ve been warned.

The site is a total Scam Site – Lots of Fake Pictures and Profiles

I got an email stating AfricanDate. Responded to my review but I can’t see. Their response or know where it’s posted. They did not resolve my issue. I had no expectation they would. The site is a total scam site with fake profiles, fake chats, and even bigger fake promos. I imagine the other 5* reviews posted are all from inside people countering their poor rating. I strongly recommend staying away from. This site and even more strongly recommend you DO NOT give. Them access to any of your financial information. For more Information browse our website: Dating Reviews

It’s not illegal to use somebody else’s pictures online. But it almost certainly would break the terms of service of the platform they’re using. If you come across a fake profile you should report it to. The dating site or social network wherever possible.

Where catfishing can become illegal is if the scammer uses. The fake profile to trick you into sending them money. This is fraud, and it is against the law. If the person you’re talking to online is reluctant to talk on. The phone or meet up in real life, it’s possible that they’re not. Who they’re pretending to be. A common tactic of dating scammers is to ask you to talk on email. Text or Whatsapp, in case the dating site or app gets wise to their scam.

Lots of Fake Pictures and Profiles

One of the scenarios that romance scammers often. Use is that they’re stuck abroad on a business trip. And don’t have access to their bank accounts. Scam victims Lots of Fake Pictures and Profiles frequently. Report being asked to send money. Internationally to pay for an alleged visa, only never to hear from them again.

Does the person you’re talking to look like a model? Or do they make it clear that they have a great job. Are very wealthy or charitable? These are common tactics of dating scammers. Some romance scammers are trying to gain enough information about you to be able to steal your identity. It’s not all about getting you to send them money.
Is the person you’re talking to professing. Their love for you without meeting up in real life? They could be attempting to gain your trust so you’ll be more willing to send them money.


It sounds cynical, but scammers will often tell you that they are recently bereaved. Or that they or someone they are close to is seriously ill to make you feel sorry for them. It’s a red flag that victims often describe in. If they can’t keep their story straight, or don’t know what you’re talking about. When you bring up something you’ve told them before or they’ve told you. It’s a bad sign. Scammers don’t always work alone, and if they’ve forgotten past conversations it a group effort.

If they give you a number with a foreign area code or have an unusual accent for. Where they’ve told you they’re from, it’s likely you’re being catfished. If you’ve never met someone in real life you should never transfer them any money. Scammers are known to hire actors to meet you. So even if you’ve met up once or twice you could still be at risk of being scammed.

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If you think you might have shared your bank or credit card details with a scammer then let your bank or credit card company know as soon as possible. They might be able to block your card or hold any unusual transactions before the scammer can access your money.

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