Time Traps in Life and Relationships

I do not know if there is at least one person among us Life and Relationships who at least once in his life did not throw the words – “I do not have time” or “it must wait for a better time” . Your approach and attitude towards “time” can be your greatest ally, or unfortunately your worst enemy, on the way to reaching for what you really want. Here are some of the most blocking attitudes that you might want  to work through into a better, more conducive approach if you want to meet your goals in this century.

Time trap – Time heals all wounds. – Life and Relationships

“Time heals all wounds” is one of the most untrue sayings that is repeated all the time to people who experience difficult situations. In this option, we assume that with time everything will “melt”, everything will be fine and everything will “fall into place”. It is not just like that! Time, yes, helps to forget, reduces the feeling of emotions / longing, reduces the intensity of certain feelings, but this does DilMil.co not mean “healing” or “closing” the past. If you leave painful experiences only in the “hands” of time, old, unworked patterns, patterns of action, fear that do not serve you, will come back with double strength as soon as you are in a similar situation again – ie in a new relationship.

Being here and now

Being present is key to learning yourself – that is, being aware of your emotions. Mindfulnes – that is, conscious, kind to oneself, paying attention / paying attention to one’s interior (I really like this definition of Julia Samuel) is a really necessary part of our development, or sometimes hygiene of life. There are times, however, that the idea of ​​”I live here and now” is misinterpreted. It is often an escape from DilMil facing your own past or future, especially postponing specific actions for the future that require leaving your comfort zone.

Time Traps in Life and Relationships Africandate Reviews 2022

No time – Life and Relationships

There is no best time to face something that is difficult for us, requires effort, or says goodbye to old habits. The syndrome – “as soon as circumstances change” , “time will be more favorable” is one of the clearest signs of fear of change or self-sabotage. Of course, sometimes you may need a moment to think, analyze the pros and cons, or acquire new knowledge / skills. In this edition, giving yourself time makes sense. Importantly, always set a specific time frame for such a “transition” state. It is important. whether you are waiting with certain actions, because you are working on a specific change inside yourself, or are you waiting endlessly for a change of circumstances outside, especially those completely independent of you.

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“Time is a very confusing concept. All you have is the present. You can analyze the past but you cannot relive it, you can hope for the future but you cannot be sure that it will exist. You only have what today, the question is what are you doing with it? ” George Harrison

If the sabotage itself in the form of lack of time, waiting for a better time, or counting on spontaneous changes in yourself thanks to the passing months 🙂 concerns you, you have reached the stage of fatigue and you want specific changes, the initial consultation may be the next step – available dates in the link !

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