How Playfulness Can Turn Up the Heat in Your Relationship

Heat in Your Relationship Real don’t always have “happily ever afters.” Here’s the truth that few of us care to admit: When you’ve figuratively ridden off into the sunset with your one true love, normal life resumes. Chances are, you both have jobs, mundane commitments, family issues, and everyday chores to do. As time passes, the romance may start to dwindle.

If you’re hoping to keep things going strong, there’s a simple Lovinga  approach to try. Being more playful in your relationship could keep the spark alive, according to a review from the University Halle-Wittenberg and Pennsylvania State University. The researchers suggest that this attitude may lower conflict in relationships, build trust, and even reduce monotony in the bedroom. However, finding a slot for playtime can be tricky.

That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of three relationship experts: Dr. Sherry Cooper, Brooke Aymes, and Dr. Jess Carbino. “The overwhelmingness of increased responsibility can easily make people forget to be playful and fun in long-term relationships,” Dr. Cooper tells Brides. “Finding balance between fun and responsibility is important. Playfulness can help to maintain relationships by decreasing the burden of some responsibilities.”

Ready to unleash the cheery side of your personality? Let’s delve into some of the strikingly easy ways you can become more playful and revive that flirtatious side of yourself.

Show Some Vulnerability

First things first, make sure you feel comfortable introducing playfulness into your relationship. “The key is to feel secure enough in your relationship to be able to choose to be vulnerable,” Aymes, explains. “We are more likely to be vulnerable, to try new things, and to be playful in our relationships when we feel safe, secure, and accepted.”

Start Small – Heat in Your Relationship

“Adults can introduce playfulness in a gradual but concerted way. Many couples try to do something grand when facing difficulties with preserving or rekindling romance in their partnership such as going on a vacation or planning a big date night,” says Dr. Carbino. “While this grand gesture may be important as a first step to give the relationship a jolt, grand gestures must be maintained through smaller and daily playful acts and interactions.”

How Playfulness Can Turn Up the Heat in Your Relationship

Make Time for Each Other

You’re busy—we’re all busy—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time for your partner. “The most important thing that couples can do to prevent the romance from dwindling in their relationship is to be intentional about scheduling quality time with one another,” says Aymes. “If we feel Lovinga.Com connected with one another then we are more likely to initiate and engage in romantic activities.”

Surprise Your Partner – Heat in Your Relationship

You don’t have to plan a huge surprise party to catch your partner off guard. “If romance is dwindling in your relationship, do something to make your partner feel special. Send an unexpected text to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I have a surprise for you,’” says Dr. Cooper.

Get Flirting

Flirting is natural when you meet someone new. You may not even realize you’re doing it. However, the longer you’re with that person, the less you will feel the need to show your attraction. “Flirtation is important in a long-term relationship because it’s indicative of desire,” says Dr. Carbino. “As relationships evolve it’s very common for there to be a discrepancy in terms of mutual desire and that flirtation can be a critical mechanism to signal mutual desire.”

Crack a Joke

It’s the small things that count. Throughout the day, why not throw in a few one-liners for good measure? Once we become more comfortable with engaging in play in our daily routines than we can be intentional about adding more playful interactions like joking, dancing or just being silly,” says Aymes.

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Get Playful In the Bedroom – Heat in Your Relationship

Tired of the same old bedroom routine? Your playful side doesn’t need to be confined to everyday activities. Why not try something new in bed? Read the Kama Sutra together and decide on a new sexual position together,” suggests Dr. Cooper. “Play a sexy game such as The Intimacy Deck or Truth or Dare.”

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Find a New Mutual Hobby

When was the last time you had a date night? It could be time to mix things up and do something new. “Dates allow for increased experiences to recall later in life and increased communication and teamwork,” shares Dr. Cooper. “Consider if it’s an activity that you have never done together, something neither of you are good at, or an activity that is not often available for you to do together.”

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