My high school Latin teacher would start the Lingvist app first day of class by handing out blank packets of index cards like party favors. He said that students who made their own flashcards and reviewed them regularly would be the most successful in their class. I took that challenge seriously.

I started using my flashcards as bookmarks to help me get familiar with new words. When I got a word right three times in a row, I leveled it with the stack of cards next to my toothbrush. I checked this stack twice a day. After matching a card seven times, I would go to the YourLoveMeet stack next to my computer and flip through these words once a week. My success caught the attention of a nerdy classmate, and we used our group study sessions to bring romance back.

The Original Romance Language

Learning a language alongside Someone you like can spark conversation, and modern technology has made it even easier to build those long-term connections in your spare time. Lingvist, a powerful language-learning app, uses science of memory to train people to learn French. Spanish, German, Russian or Estonian vocabulary words quickly and permanently.


Lingvist has thousands of words in its database and presents them in a unique and engaging way. The app uses a series of repeated flashcards to insert words into long-term memory. The cards provide context for each foreign word and give users the option to “speak to answer” and test their pronunciation.

Thanks to Lingvist’s helpful tools, anyone can learn to speak, read, and understand a foreign language fluently and apply their vocabulary to real-world situations.

As chief growth officer Scott Dodson said, “Language is really social. If you don’t speak the same language as the people around you, it’s easy to feel isolated and isolated, and that’s a great motivation to learn a second language. «


The Lingvist team aims to help people learn a language 10 times faster than they could on their own. The Lingvist app will achieve this by using big data and artificial intelligence to stimulate memorization. The app deliberately displays memory cards to stick in your mind. Repeat unfamiliar words at regular intervals until he begins to pronounce them consistently correctly.

This is not a one-size-fits-all course, the program adapts flashcards to individual learning levels and shows users the words they need to learn without recycling the ones they already master. Lingvist’s unique approach can help users quickly build their vocabulary in a second language, which can be useful for daters in a variety of situations.

Maybe you want to impress a bilingual date by learning a few key phrases, or maybe you want to be fluent enough to make friends and date in another country. Lingvist can be your partner in these endeavors and help you make a romantic connection by speaking

A Foreign Language


The app focuses on vocabulary comprehension and doesn’t delve into grammar rules. So it works best for people who have a basic foundation in a foreign language and want to expand. Their skills by learning more useful vocabulary terms or for those who simply they don’t like to get caught up in grammar rules and they like to learn inductively, which means that users learn by looking at examples and discovering rules for themselves.

“The cards are the heart of Lingvist,” Scott said. “The first word will be the same for everyone, but the algorithm quickly adapts to the individual.”


Lingvist co-founder Mait Mntel was inspired to create. A language learning app after living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for years. The Estonian physicist saw for himself how difficult. It can be for adults to learn a second language while working full time. Mait is very fond of numbers. so he decide to approach this problem from a mathematical perspective and use machine learning. Language statistics, and cognitive science theory to improve the learning process.

Today, Lingvist employs a LINGVIST APP global team of 40 people who are passionate about learning technology and building communities. Their work has impacted the lives of many. And they have received feedback from teachers, students, couples, and many others. Who have said that Lingvist gave them the extra push they need to learn another language.

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A high school student in Arizona used Lingvist to work on his German. So he could travel to Europe after graduation. He ended up learning the language well enough to court a German woman who is now his girlfriend. He is currently attending university in Germany and has seen many doors open for him due to his language skills.

Many Lingvist users have a specific goal in mind when they sign up. They want to learn another language so they can communicate with a love one. Travel the world, or take a test. Scott told us that the most disciplined users see the fastest results on Lingvist. The app can give people essential learning tools, but it can’t do all the work needed to master a language.

“It’s valuable for people who are constantly motivated to learn another language,” Scott said. “The app can give students a structure to learn. But it still takes effort and you get what you put in.”

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