Don’t Waste Your Time and Money on AfricanDate

I subscribed to AfricanDate, and I ended up getting Money on AfricanDate a message from a guy who claimed he was only 39 years old, didn’t smoke, and drank occasionally. He looked really young and handsome. We exchanged numbers and pictures for about a week, and then we met. The guy was actually 45 years old, and a huge fat beer belly. I decided to continue seeing him despite his dishonest profile. A few weeks went by, I was falling for him because he seemed very wise and sweet, but I began to notice he had a drinking problem. One time, he was drunk, and for no reason, he started verbally abusing me. He called me a fat pig, an old hag (I’m younger than him), he called me an uneducated prostitute and a stupid **.

Don’t Waste Your Time and Money


He sent me a picture of his bed full of weapons. I was stunned! I blocked all his numbers from my phone, and he would call me private all night long. Eventually, he called me from a number which I didn’t recognize. We started talking and he said he would never bother me again, but that same night, he showed up at my place unannounced. I didn’t let him in, and I said I would call the police. He eventually left but started calling me private. I ended up changing my phone number. It was an extremely, scary experience! I learned my lesson. Africandate said he was a verified member. ‘Africandate, check again!’ This guy is nothing like the guy in his profile. He is an abusive, dangerous, delusional, alcoholic, preying on women, through your dating site.

Time is not precious, It is priceless. You always can get back the money you lost, by your efforts. It seems that everything is possible when you have money. But the reality is, you simply can’t get extra “One-minute” by spending all money. It’s the time which makes successful people. Don’t complain you have no capability or money or time, you have manage it wrong and just wasted it. Everyone has the same 24 hours time frame. Those who utilize the time well, attain success. And those who don’t, have regretting for rest of life. So take your time seriously, it’ll let to reach where you want to go. Don’t waste your time, because later on, you have only regrets, not recovery for losing time.

When you respect your time, you will never waste it

The more you give respect the time, the less you waste it. If you have value for time, then you’ll spend it wisely. All your goals, your actions, your plans you’ll decide accordingly. And that’s a way you can achieve all your goals & desires. Spend time in the things which lift you upwards. Spend your precious time in learning. In things which add values to your life. Don’t waste your time, just doing things anyway. Do the things which give you understanding. Spend your time with those who learn something valuable. And this all shows you value your time because you spend it for a useful cause.

Make a habit to plan for the next day’s schedule – Money on AfricanDate

Everyone here has certain life goals in mind. We can achieve all goals, and there’s no denying. But we need to make sure that we use our time well to achieve that. In order to manage all our actions, we have to plan accordingly, so that we can use our time wisely. Valuing time: sign of a future leader. Take an example of the leader of any industry, there is one thing common in all. And that is they valued their time, they manage it properly. That’s why there achieve the lead position, stop complaining about your life. They also have the same 24 hours as you, not much or less.

A day with same 24 hours. But they have done something valuable & manage time well.

Time management, itself shows where you’ll in future. Management means to do things happen, in the limit of available resources. Live an economical budget, you can also plan your Daily budget of time. That way you can allocate the work as per specific work hours. Manage your time and time will manage your future, itself. The things what you are doing right now will be the reason for the future & where you belong.

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Time is money. Do you waste your money anyway ?? – Money on AfricanDate

Do you spend your money on things, which are not useful?? Then why to waste your precious time like that. Remember money can be re-earned, But lapsed time, Gone forever.
Don’t waste your time on things which are not useful, and not beneficial in your life.

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