Dear ladies, There is no ready-made formula for success on an international Dating Foreigners Online  site. Each dating story and love story is unique. Every woman, like every man, is different. This means that each of us has a unique set of personal characteristics, desires and ideas, has its own established image Anastasiadate  of an “ideal partner” and relationships. And therefore, it adheres to its own “strategy” of search, has its own reasons for not writing first or choosing certain photographs. Someone is shy or does not want to seem intrusive. There can be many reasons.

The success of online dating depends on a combination of many factorsBelow we provide general conditions that may affect.

The Success of Online Dating. – Dating Foreigners Online

Based on our experience in the field of international dating, we identified the following six factors: well-chosen photos; detailed profile on a dating site; knowledge of foreign languages ; interesting and regular communication with the chosen one; activity on a dating site; an adequate assessment of one’s own desires and capabilities. We will dwell on each point in more detail.

You may find the following recommendations insignificant. However, think about it, because just as the ocean is born from many drops, life itself is made up of little things.

  1. Well-chosen photos. High-quality and spectacular photos play an important role when acquaintance does not take place in real life, but through a dating site. The main photo of the questionnaire is the image that will attract and fall in love with a man.


When a man decides to look for a life partner in another country, this means that he is ready to overcome the distance. He weighed the risks and considered his willingness to take action. And a man will want to do things for the sake of a woman who will charm him, ignite a spark of interest in him. Long-distance relationships and acquaintances with women from other countries are associated with financial costs and risks, emotions, hopes, and, sometimes, disappointments. Therefore, deciding to search for a woman from another country, a man wants to meet his ideal, his extraordinary and unique. And with a groomed and gloomy lady, foreigners can quite successfully meet in their homeland.

Dating Foreigners Online

Foreigners are attracted to femininity! For more information on how to choose the right photos for an international dating site, review we talk in an article called “Dating foreigners: how to choose the right photo?” .

Dating for a serious relationship involves openness and honesty. A questionnaire that contains absolutely no information does not attract the attention of serious men. Rather, it may seem that the girl came to the site by accident and, perhaps, is not even ready to meet a man from another country – she did not weigh the pros and cons.

Before a man decides to write to the lady he likes, he must find out some information about her: whom she would like to meet; what is the level of her education; whether she accepts the presence of children with a future partner – in order to weigh her chances of success and not waste her and her time in vain. For example, facts such as whether a future partner has children or the age range of the “ideal partner” can play an important role in making a decision. If this information is not available, then most likely the man will simply close the questionnaire and write to the woman who took the time to provide information about herself.

Completed Application Form. – Dating Foreigners Online

Another important aspect is that communication is easier to start if there is a starting point. For example, a man read your profile and found that you have common interests or he was attracted by your short text “About Me”. Sometimes, the most insignificant, in your opinion, detail can serve as an occasion to start an interesting and promising acquaintance. For this reason, it is still worth taking the time to fill out your questionnaire 😉


Proficiency in English or German greatly increases

The chances of successfully meeting a foreigner. By registering on a dating site with foreigners, you consciously decide to meet a man from abroad, and not a man from your home country. This implies that communication will not take place in their native Russian language, because a foreign man is unlikely to know it or want to study it. In most cases, men from abroad are satisfied with their country of residence and conditions in it. Therefore, foreigners are unlikely to want to change their place of residence and learn Russian. This is for a woman to do 😉 If you have not yet decided on a man from which country you would like to connect your life with, then English skills will be universal for dating men from different countries!

Let’s look at each point separately. – Dating Foreigners Online

If you do not have foreign language skills, then you should definitely use translation programs! It is necessary to show. The man that you are not afraid of the language barrier and. That you can easily start learning a new language. After all. If the language problem is allowed to become a real obstacle in communication. Then there will be no future and real prospects for relations, and in general for acquaintances with foreigners.

Often, using translation programs, we get machine translation, which is not entirely clear. Therefore, if you received a message in a foreign language and translated it yourself, consider the translation received and try to understand the meaning. Do not immediately give up if the meaning of the letter is not clear. Ask the interlocutor to reformulate his thoughts, or translate individual words or sentences. Do not ignore questions or statements that you do not understand, it is better to ask the interlocutor again. A man should not feel that you are deliberately ignoring certain topics or issues. Even if this does not happen on purpose, but through the fault of an unsuccessful translation.

To learn how to write letters yourself that will be understandably translate by. An electronic translator, read our article “Funny translation mistakes that can be easily avoided” .

Regular exchange of letters, timely responses and interesting communication.

In order to make a decision about the meeting. A man and a woman need to get to know each other. Since we are talking about acquaintances with foreigners. A personal meeting, firstly, is not so easy to organize (in a cafe, after work, you will not meet a German you like), and, secondly. It requires some effort and is associated with risks. This means. That in order to make a decision about a trip to Eastern Europe. It will not be enough for a man just to get acquainted with. The facts from the biography of a woman and meet once on Skype.


It requires regular communication that builds trust between people. 

It is important, when corresponding with a man, not to “disappear” for a long time. That is, not to delay answering his letter for several days or more without explaining. The reason for the silence. If a woman answers letters once a week or is silent for months. This speaks for itself, namely: she has no interest. She communicates with different men, and when one of the gentlemen did not live up to expectations. She recalls another admirer who was left without response. Such a manner of communication, correspondence with foreign. Men will not lead to success. Men are well aware when a woman has no interest.

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