Body Language and Love – How to Know If He Is In to You

Do you find it hard to determine a man’s body language and love? Is his body language giving signs that he is into you? How will you determine if it is already loved? Body language and love is a game that is not easy to play. However, to play this game better, there are ways of knowing if a guy really likes you.

Body language and love should not be taken lightly. Most men are shy and don’t know how to express their true feelings, leaving a girl like you confused and uncertain. There are times when men say one thing, but their actions say otherwise. There is a way of knowing if a guy is really into you even if he doesn’t say it upfront to you. However, body language and love are still two different things. Just read his body language and you will know if he feels something more than just friendship from the review. Here are some of them;

• Lifted Shoulders –

This signifies that the guy finds you attractive and has taken on a more compliant side because he has found someone very exciting. This is like cooing over the latest model of sports car or motorbike. In the dating scene, this body language means that the guy is interested in you and wants to know you better.

• Pigeon Toes – Body Language and Love

This toe in body movement means that the person is very much interested in you and is intimated by this feeling. By trying to make the body smaller, the person is showing that he is not threatening and is very harmless in fact.

• Palm up-

When a person who is interested in you faces and talks to you. Reviews Most likely that person will be talking with his palms up. This shows vulnerability and signifies his willingness to be open to you.

• Forehead Bow –

A person is very into you when he uses the forehead bow. This gesture is tilting the head a little forward and looks at you under the eyebrows. The tilting head and the bedroom eyes are an old flirt move used by men ever since.

• Genuine Smile – Body Language and Love

If a person smiles at you with his eyes, then that smile is genuine and only means that he is very interested in you. Chances are, he will hold your glance a little longer and sending signals that he wants to know you better.

• Eye Contact –

If a person looks at you in the eye, looks away, and then makes glances at you again means that he is trying to catch your attention and is very much interested in you.

• Speak Very Low –

Men talking to someone from they are interested usually talks in a lower tone of voice. This is a way of making their love interest come closer so that she can hear what he is saying.

• Smoothens His Hair and Clothes – Body Language and Love

A person is interested in you if he talks to you and he is smoothing his hair or his clothes. This signifies that he wants to look the best in front of you.

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Body language and love are somehow interconnected. However, never rush things, slow it down and make sure that what his body language means is love.

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