Anastasiadate Scam

I simply joined to and in one day I drew near to 50 messages from young ladies in Ukraine and Russia prepared to know me or even wed me. What is amusing is I haven’t finished my profile nor I have posted an image. So this stage is unquestionably worked by bots which will spam you and suck your cash out. Folks, I was hitched to a Ukrainian young lady for a long time.

They are merciless animals. All they care about escaping their nation, control you to get a status (green card/international ID) and after that, they will leave you and make your life hopeless. They are realists. All the 1-star audits in this site are legitimate, all the rest are phony. I concur the young ladies are lovely yet behind that magnificence, the cover is loaded with falsehoods. Save yourself and discover ladies of your own race and culture, you will be more joyful trust me. Also, on the off chance that you don’t discover, regardless you be more joyful than you are with one living a falsehood.

P.S I am an advanced master by calling and I can tell a bot (robot site) from a genuine site

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