Unacceptable Behavior in a Relationship

She and he are in love without memory, Behavior in a Relationship but as it turns out later also without mutual awareness. A union that was to become an asylum became a prison. Love never matured because it was abused.

Each of us would like to know a recipe for a successful relationship, YourChristianDate just like for a successful Easter woman. Unlike a compound, the cake will be successful if you follow the instructions in the recipe.
And in a relationship? Who knows the ingredients that allow you to create an ideal relationship and an unbreakable bond so that being with yourself will definitely “work out”?

Due to the unpredictable human factor, it is difficult to give a ready recipe for a successful relationship, but you can certainly distinguish behaviors that contribute to the destruction of what has already been built.
Unacceptable behaviors in a relationship are all those behaviors that limit our physical, mental and emotional freedom, while violating our human dignity.

A Successful Relationship

Building the foundations of a relationship should begin with a transformation in ourselves. First of all, the changes should concern how we perceive the surrounding world and how we treat other people. It is very important to deal with the things that have shaped negative behavior in us at the very beginning and thus built barriers that prevent us from creating a fully happy relationship. It is certainly a difficult task, but realizing that it makes sense to draw the right conclusions from previous relationships will help create a satisfying duo for two people.

Another very important thing is communication. It is worth talking to your partner, calmly discussing and working together solutions for our common good. However, YourChristianDate if our common goal – a harmonious, loving life is no longer the most important, and more space is taken up by blaming, insulting, blaming, and worse, violence, we should consider it a serious alarm signal in our lives.

Unacceptable Behavior in a Relationship Africandate Reviews
It is not a good situation if you feel that the person who has declared love to you, henceforth:
– tries to control you,
– ignores your objections,
– insists that their motives and nature of action are better than yours,
– avoids taking any responsibility for the situation in your relationship,
– they feel guilty,
– does not care about your deteriorating well-being,
– gives approval and support only when you obey him / her,
– always wants more, no matter how much he gets from you,
– when you stop “cooperating”, he threatens to leave or provides that your refusal will be tantamount to a deterioration of his / her health condition,
– money in his / her hands becomes an element of control and exercise of power, and not to build a common life.

Behavior in a Relationship

The above examples of behavior, as well as any others that violate our dignity and freedom, are a form of violence that is unacceptable in a loving relationship. Violence can take many forms. It can take the form of a physical deprivation of our integrity, such as prodding, pushing or beating, deliberate burns. Another type of violence is psychological / emotional violence, which is most easily recognized by the stigma it leaves on us and the moods it evokes.

We become victims of psychological or emotional violence when our right to decide about ourselves is violated, and a sense of worthlessness, guilt and responsibility for the situation and its resolution is born in the heart. When in a relationship we are forbidden to say (sometimes indirectly) “no”, “not now”, “I do not want”, “I cannot”, “I wish otherwise”, etc. then the relationship in which we function is violent. If for the so-called “holy peace” we give in and agree to a certain behavior of the partner towards us, let’s be sure that it is very deceptive. Although it does not always have to lead to, for example, an outbreak of aggression, it will remain in our psyche and will have a huge impact on us.

Another type of Violence is Economic Violence. – Behavior in a Relationship

As I mentioned earlier, when money was used to create. The common good is used to exercise power over. The partner, we are dealing with an imbalance. Similarly, in a situation where one of the partners. Decides for us not to take up a job and insists on doing so. Ignoring our right to own earnings, professional. Development and professional contacts.

Any actions that are aimed at humiliating, taking control of our lives. Depriving us of self-confidence, undermining our self-esteem, showing contempt. Being extremely self-centered are actions. That should not be tolerate in a relationship.

The Relationship is Addiction

Another very important problem that destroys the relationship is addiction. Such as alcohol, gambling, addiction to drugs, pornography, workaholism, etc. Addiction has various grounds, but it is definitely not a healthy self-image and high self-esteem. We must remember that living with a person. Who has fallen into addiction is associate with our co-dependency. Therefore, for the sake of love and mutual support. It is worth not to give up, but to fight for recovery. The fruit can be really beautiful.

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Remember, “I’m sorry” is not enough … and when you are making. An important decision about your relationship. I suggest. That you give your partner time, even a month, to observe. What the other side will do if they know that we are considering the future of the relationship. Be especially attentive to prognosticating symptoms of behavior change, not apologies and empty promises. For example, an agreement on working together to develop. The attitudes of a healthy relationship (e.g. with a psychologist, therapist). Admitting that there are better ways to be together than violent behavior. Willingness to recognize. Your right to think, feel, decide. Take responsibility for your hurtful ones scary tactics and actions.

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