AfricanDate Super Scam Site, Lots and Lots of Fake Pictures and Profiles is very very shady. They offer you a promo price that basically gives them access to your account where they will change your payment method from one time to recurring and then tell you ‘oh you did it yourself’. They barely have any contact information to speak of. The photos are 99% fake. 9 of 10 female profiles listed on that site are fakes. STAY AWAY. You’ve been warned.

The site is a total Scam Site – AfricanDate

I got an email stating AfricanDate responded to my review but I can’t see their response or know where it’s posted. They did not resolve my issue. I had no expectation they would. The site is a total scam site with fake profiles, fake chats, and even bigger fake promos. I imagine the other 5* reviews posted are all from inside people countering their poor rating. I strongly recommend staying away from this site and even more strongly recommend you DO NOT give them access to any of your financial information. For more Information browse our website: Dating Reviews

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